Gold coin 2 oz Kangaroo/Nugget

Gold coin Australia
Minted by Perth mint
Product group Kangaroos/Nuggets
Gold: 2 oz (62.21 g)
Gold value: £ 2 620.58

Gold coin 2 oz Kangaroo/Nugget  

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Australia Kangaroo Nuggets

Most of the people confuse Australian Gold Kangaroo Nuggets with natural gold nuggets. Australian Gold Kangaroo coins are the official Australian bullion. The popular gold coins are minted at Perth Mint, the world famous Mint owned by the Australian government.

Gold Corporation introduced the Australian Kangaroo Nuggets in 1986. Australian Department of the Treasury and the gold corporation hold an agreement, enabling them to produce and market gold, platinum, a silver legal tender coinage for private investors and collectors. The Australian Kangaroo Nugget series created and sold coins over 15500 ounces on its firsts trading day. The demand for gold coins remained high since then.

Design and Denominations of Australia Kangaroo Nuggets
The Australian Kangaroo Nugget coins are a few gold coins that changed designs yearly, and investors accept them as legal tender. The coins had different images of ore during the first three production years (1986-1988). The name “nugget” also appeared on the “reverse” side of Nugget coin.

Perth Mint, in 1989 changed the design of the coins and showed an image of Kangaroo, leading to a nickname "Gold Kangaroo." It chose Kangaroo as it is more recognizable, attractive and better represents Australia. Now the words “9999 GOLD” and “AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO” surround Kangaroo’s image on the coin. Also, there is a youthful image of Queen Elizabeth II on the observe side of the coins.

In recent years the silver bullions with the kangaroo has been increasing in popularity. The impressive 5 oz silver bullion is literally a hand full, and has amazing detail.

The Australian Kangaroo Nugget coins come in eight different denominations ranging from 1kg to 1/20 oz, along with varying face value of A$3,000 to A$5. Note that every Kangaroo Nugget carries a purity of 999.9, qualifying for gold 24-karat status. It is similar to the Lunar Gold bullion coins of Australia. Thus, investing in Australian Kangaroo Nugget is wise as this metal’s value has considerably shot up. Its increasing numismatic value, two-tone design, purity, and limited mintage make it a profitable investment.