Gold coin 1 oz Panda

Gold coin China
Minted by Official Mint of the ppl rep of China
Product group China panda
Gold: 1 oz (31.10 g)
Gold value: £ 1 271.14

Gold coin 1 oz Panda  

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China Gold Pandas

China Gold Pandas are some of the gold bullion coins that can boast international appeal and fame. The globally acclaimed coins can offer a lot to private gold investors and collectors.
Designed in 1982, these Chinese bullion coins can garner significant returns due to their high-quality standard. China gold pandas contain 99.9 percent of pure gold. The miners follow the strictest specifications when exclusively mining the metal from the territory.

By introducing Gold Panda Coins in the market, China has earned an exclusive investment market. Like Krugerrand and other gold coins, China gold panda coins are legal and issued with a proof-like brilliant quality. Many mints make these coins, including Shenzhen, Shenyang, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Denomination and Design of Gold Panda Coins
The Republic of China mines the gold coins in different sizes that range from 1 troy oz. to 1/20 troy oz. The gold bullion coins' current face value or denomination is 200,500 100, 25, 50, and 10 Yuan. Interestingly, the design of China Gold Panda coins is symbolic of their long-standing cultural tradition.

The coin's observed side depicts the temple of Heaven in its center, with ancient Chinese characters imprinted at the top. The year of issue is at the bottom. It is the reverse side that has a Panda portrait that changes each year.

The dimension of the 30 gram coins is
• Thickness: 2.70 mm
• Diameter: 32.05 mm
• Content: 99.9% gold

Why Buying China Gold Pandas is ideal
As Panda coins have fractional sizes, you can afford an investment regardless of what your budget is. They are the secure alternative to diversify your portfolio. These coins make a good choice to help investors protect their wealth against uncertainty, inflation, and currency depreciation. The Panda coins are one of the top five bullion coins.