Gold bar 50 g UBS

Gold bar Switzerland
Minted by UBS
Product group 50 g gold
Gold: 1.61 oz (50.00 g)
Gold value: £ 2 043.42

Gold bar 50 g UBS  

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UBS Gold Bars

UBS is the most prominent and renowned investment bank in Switzerland. The Swiss bank has a reputation worldwide for offering high-quality financial services. In the 1980s, when investing in precious physical metals became popular, many investors and customers showed interest in investing in bullion. That is when UBS launched a range of precious metal bars (gold and silver) to meet its customers' rising demands.

Argor Heraeus - the largest precious metals processors manufacturers all gold bars on behalf of UBS bank. The Swiss precious metal refinery has been working with UBS banks since the 1980s. The refinery launched a variety of UBS' precious metals in cooperation with the UBS bank. The gold bars are popular with private investors and collectors worldwide as they sell them for a premium over other precious metals.

Design, Denomination and Quality of UBS Gold Bars
Although the UBS gold bar has several unique features, one of the attributes is the key holograms on each bar's reverse side. Argor Heraeus inscribes hologram with a laser. That is why it is not possible to replicate it. This is a great feature for investors that helps them verify the authenticity of the gold bar. The holograms include the size, type of bar, and purity content, along with a manufacturing ode.

Each UBS bullion gold bar includes 999. grade gold and is available in various sizes ranging from one gram to one kilogram. That means you can invest in 100 g, 250g, 500g and 1kg size of gold bars. However, the popular size of UBS gold is 10g and 1 ounce among investors. A 400oz UBS gold bar weighs approximately 27.4 pounds, with a bar valued at $750,000 U.S.

The relative value of these bars compared to less know brands never degrades, and that makes them a highly fruitful metal investment.