Gold bar 500 g Heraeus

Gold bar Switzerland
Minted by Heraeus
Product group 500 g gold
Gold: 16.08 oz (0.50 kg)
Gold value: £ 20 670.36

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Heraeus Gold and Silver Bars

Heraeus is one of the famous and largest refiners of gold bars in the world. While many gold buyers are familiar with refiners such as Credit Suisse, PAMP Suisse, Valcambi and several others, Heraeus remains a name of excellence in the precious metals niche. Despite its less notoriety or brand awareness among private investors, the gold bar refiner has become the most reliable gold investment source.

Founded in the 1960s, Heraeus has been mining, refining, and offering precious metals for decades. In 1973, the USB bank purchased it and ten years later, in 1980, partnered with a German industrial metal refinery and names it "Heraeus."

The company has developed an innovative technology that it uses to authenticate and verify the gold bars it makes. The technology called kinebar that makes replicating the inscribed hologram on the gold bar virtually impossible. The design of hologram varies according to the gold bar's brand.

Design and Denominations of Heraeus Gold Bar
The 100 grams minted gold bar of Heraeus is undeniably a popular investment. The high-grade gold comes from the most prestigious refining metal refining group. Each cast gold bar of Heraeus comes tightly sealed. The minted one troy oz gold bar is made of 999.9 pure gold.

The obverse of Heraeus gold bar features identifying inscriptions and the refinery logo. Reverse, on the other hand, has a repeating pattern of the Heraeus logo. These bars come in varying weights ranging from 100g to 1000g, along with different thickness levels. Heraeus delivers the gold bars in the blister card, which look attractive and stable due to welded seams.

Depending on the bar size, silver bars may be minted or cast. In 2014, all silver bars was increased to 999.9 purity and all cast bars got a serial number. While the stamped bars (1 troy oz to 500 grams) are delivered in a blister card, the 1 kg and 5 kg bars are sealed in plastic film. The 15 kg bars are not packaged.

Furthermore, each bar uses environmentally friendly plastic and renewable PET.