Gold bar 100 g Valcambi Suisse

Gold bar Switzerland
Minted by Valcambi
Product group 100 g gold
Gold: 3.22 oz (100.00 g)
Gold value: £ 4 086.84

Gold bar 100 g Valcambi Suisse  

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Valcambi Silver and Gold Bars
When it comes to uniqueness and versatility, the 100g Cambibar from renowned processor Valcambi is ideal. The silver stacker makes this bar easily divisible or breakable into small units. You can easily separate each 100g Valcambi as little as 1g in size.

These beautiful and divisible bars of shinning silver are an excellent choice to add newness and exclusivity to your silver stack. If you're a private investor and want a metal holding for trading and bartering, Valcambi silver and gold bars are a great investment choice. The Valcambi brand if known all around the globe.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Valcambi is one of the leading and largest Swiss metals refiners. Unlike many other refiners, Valcambi also includes an evaluation certificate.

Design and Denomination of Valcambi Bars
Investors can buy prominent silver in a wide variety of sizes. 100g to 1kg, however, are the two most popular sizes of Valcambi silver bars.
Generally, the attractive silver bars don't come in ounce denominations as they are available in the European markets. The smaller Valcambi silver bar that includes the 100g silver bars has imprinted weight, serial number, and fineness of the bar located just beneath the Valcambi logo.

Both gold and silver bars comes in cast and minted forms. Minted bars (sometimes called wafers) are cut from specially prepared rolled metal sheets. For minted gold bars, from 1 g to 100 g, a certificate in the size of a credit card is available for all bars. Gold bars in the 250-500 g are sealed in a PVC blister with a separate serial numbered certificate.

The Combibar comes in different metals, including gold and silver. You may invest in more options other than silver with Valcambi Cambibar. The versatile designs and premium quality make this Swiss precious metal standout. Plus, Valcambi offers investors the opportunity to sell silver Cambibar separately, using a round-number quantity of 100g silver.