Gold bar 1 oz PAMP Suisse Lunar

Gold bar Switzerland
Minted by PAMP
Gold: 1 oz (31.10 g)
Gold value: £ 1 367.52

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PAMP Gold Bars

Artistic Precious Metals Products (Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux), better popular with PAMP's name, is the leading and reputed bullion brand. It is undeniably one of the most reliable fabricators and refiners of precious metals. The world-leading fabricator has raised the service and quality standards to the height of brilliance and excellence, focusing on producing high-quality gold bars.

Headquartered in Switzerland, the world's leading brand operates its base and produces gold bars to investors across the globe. You can easily recognize its refinery logo and unique Fortuna design as symbols of purity and quality. The refinery logo of PAMP gold bars has an intricate design with the collectible appeal.

Design and Denominations of PAMP Gold Bars
Fortuna lineup is one of the most recognizable products of PAMP gold bars that have an intricate design on the primary face. Rosa gold bars and Lunar gold bars are two other offerings of PAMP.

For instance, the Fortuna gold bar's design has an obverse icon of Fortuna- "the Roman Goddess of Fortune." The figure represents luck and good fortune in the Roman religion. The image of the goddess depicts in the left-profile on the obverse side of the bar. It has a wreath on the head and blindfold over the eyes.

The cornucopia features winds down to hands, symbolizing wealth into the clutched hands of the goddess.
The reverse side of the bar has some identifying markers. The markers include a beautiful mint sign for PAMP, the metal content, the weight, an assayer's mark, and the gold bar's purity.

PAMP gold bars come with .9999 pure content of gold. The precious metal retailers commonly offer bullion weight that ranges from 0.3 grams, 250 grams to 1kg and sells in different denominations, including 10oz and 1 oz.

As PAMP gold bars come in a wide variety of designs and can deal with a range of investment-grade options, they make an excellent deal for private investors.