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Gold coin 10 Pesos Mexico

Gold: 0.24 oz (7.49 g)

Lowest price: £ 335.04
+8.2 %over spot price

Gold coin 5 Pesos Mexico

Gold: 0.12 oz (3.75 g)

Lowest price: £ 173.32
+11.8 %over spot price

Gold coin 1 oz Libertad

Gold: 1 oz (31.10 g)

Lowest price: £ 1 531.56
+19.1 %over spot price

Gold coin 50 Peso

Gold: 1.21 oz (37.50 g)

Lowest price: £ 1 852.58
+19.5 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/2 Libertad

Gold: 0.50 oz (15.55 g)

Lowest price: £ 801.69
+24.7 %over spot price

Gold coin 2 pesos Mexico Hidalgo

Gold: 0.05 oz (1.50 g)

Lowest price: £ 77.69
+25.3 %over spot price

Silver coin 1 oz Libertad

Silver: 1 oz (31.10 g)

Lowest price: £ 23.97
+41.3 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/10 oz Libertad

Gold: 0.10 oz (3.11 g)

Lowest price: £ 248.20
+93.0 %over spot price

Silver coin 5 oz Libertad

Silver: 5 oz (155.52 g)

Lowest price: £ 173.00
+104.0 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/4 Libertad

Gold: 0.25 oz (7.78 g)

Lowest price: £ 667.23
+107.6 %over spot price

Silver coin 2 oz Libertad

Silver: 2 oz (62.21 g)

Lowest price: £ 75.53
+122.7 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/20 oz Libertad

Gold: 0.05 oz (1.56 g)

Lowest price: £ 149.40
+132.4 %over spot price

Silver coin 1 kg Libertad

Silver: 32.15 oz (1.00 kg)

Lowest price: £ 1 814.34
+232.7 %over spot price

Silver coin 1/2 Libertad

Silver: 0.50 oz (15.55 g)

The Mexican Mint is an official Mint in Mexico with a long traditional history. It is the first Mint in America that 'Cedula Real established. Mexico City was the capital of New Spain, and most of its territory covered the western hemisphere that also includes the United States of the Mississippi.
The Mint produces Mexican coins and sells them at a current market price of precious metals. It uses the premium to cover handling, minting, and a marketing cost. Mexican precious metals or bullion Coins carry a high premium than other coins as they have a low mintage and light design.
Many coin collectors and investors buy gold and silver coins like Libertads to make most Mexican Bullion Coins.

Brief History
Mexican Mint is the oldest operating enterprise in the USA as its roots stem back to the 16th century. In 1521, the Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza arrived to establish "New Spain" in America. They mined silver and then shipped them back to Europe to transform it into coins.
They shipped the coins to America again. As time-consuming, Mendoza established the Mint in 1535 in Ciudad de Mexico and started producing gold and silver coins. In 1935, finally, the Mexican bank took power to strike coins.

Precious Metals from Mexican Mint
The Mexican Mint produces some beautiful coins. Centenario gold coins, for instance, marks the 100th anniversary of Spain's independence. It is famous among collectors as it uses .99 fine gold and comes in 10g to 50g.
Peso is another beautiful coin (struck in gold and silver) that the Mexican Mint produces. Known as Spanish dollars, the coins provide the foundation of modern national currency. Libertads (struck in gold and silver) also come in a variety of weights and are the top choice of modern investors.