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Gold coin 1 oz Panda

Gold: 1 oz (31.10 g)

Lowest price: £ 1 330.80
+3.5 %over spot price

Gold coin 30 g Panda

Gold: 0.96 oz (30.00 g)

Lowest price: £ 1 290.71
+4.1 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/2 oz Panda

Gold: 0.50 oz (15.55 g)

Lowest price: £ 689.70
+7.3 %over spot price

Gold coin 15 g Gold Panda - 200 Yuan

Gold: 0.48 oz (15.00 g)

Lowest price: £ 667.09
+7.6 %over spot price

Gold coin 8 g Gold Panda - 100 Yuan

Gold: 0.26 oz (8.00 g)

Lowest price: £ 360.23
+8.9 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/4 oz Gold Panda

Gold: 0.25 oz (7.78 g)

Lowest price: £ 364.08
+13.3 %over spot price

Gold coin 3 g Gold Panda

Gold: 0.10 oz (3.00 g)

Lowest price: £ 146.72
+18.3 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/20 oz Panda

Gold: 0.05 oz (1.56 g)

Lowest price: £ 81.88
+27.4 %over spot price

Silver coin 1 oz Panda

Silver: 1 oz (31.10 g)

Lowest price: £ 22.09
+30.3 %over spot price

Gold coin 100 Yuan

Gold: 0.33 oz (10.37 g)

Lowest price: £ 560.34
+30.7 %over spot price

Gold coin 1 g Gold Panda

Gold: 0.03 oz (1.00 g)

Lowest price: £ 55.52
+34.3 %over spot price

Silver coin 30 g Panda

Silver: 0.96 oz (30.00 g)

Lowest price: £ 22.57
+37.9 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/10 oz Panda

Gold: 0.10 oz (3.11 g)

Lowest price: £ 206.41
+60.5 %over spot price

Silver coin 1 kg Panda

Silver: 32.15 oz (1.00 kg)

Lowest price: £ 973.84
+78.6 %over spot price

Silver coin 5 oz Panda

Silver: 5 oz (155.52 g)

Lowest price: £ 218.47
+157.6 %over spot price

Silver coin 12 oz Panda

Silver: 12 oz (373.24 g)

Lowest price: £ 538.99
+164.8 %over spot price

Gold coin 10 Yuan

Gold: 0.10 oz (3.11 g)

Gold coin 150 Yuan

Gold: 0.33 oz (10.37 g)

The PPL Republic of China is one of the largest central banks in China. It is popular because of the name, which is derivative of the People's Republic of China. The PPL's bank is an overall charge of coin production, distribution, and currency. The PPL Republic of China operates a plethora of Mints. Most of these mints produce coin circulation for the local regions because China is a big country. Other Mints specialize in producing products like gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and several collector coins. Chinese Gold Coin incorporation (CGCI) designs modern precious metals.

Brief History
In 1920, the government of China established the first official Mint. Today, China's official Mint actively maintains six facilities in China and produces coinage at a relatively smaller scale compared to the US. Located in Xi'an, Beijing, Nanchang, Chengdu, Shijiazhuang, and Shanghai, the official Mint of the PPL Republic of China transforms precious metals, imported as bullions, into high-quality collectible coinage.
The Mint distributes silver, gold, and various other metal Panda coins in different countries via reliable official distributors like China Gold Coin Corporation. At present, many busy marketplaces of coin collectors add a variety of Chinese Panda Coins to the investment portfolio.

Precious Metals by the official Mint of PPL Rep China
Recently, the Chinese government has introduced a modern coinage carrying an image of a beautiful panda. Although the design of Chinese panda coins changes every year, it displays the unique animal with all its grace.

The animal is native to China and makes minted gold and silver coins more stylish. The official Mint produces gold, silver, and other metal coins in 500, 100,200, 50, and 20 Yuan denomination. Buy gold coins and bullion panda medals weighing 3g, 7g, and 15g to expand your portfolio. The gold coins and medals use .999 pure gold and perfect alignments. Moreover, you can invest in low price silver, aluminum, and brass Chinese coins.