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Gold coin 1 oz Krugerrand

South Africa
Gold: 1 oz (31.10 g)

Lowest price: £ 1 315.78
+3.5 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/2 oz Krugerrand

South Africa
Gold: 0.50 oz (15.55 g)

Lowest price: £ 679.41
+6.9 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/4 oz Krugerrand

South Africa
Gold: 0.25 oz (7.78 g)

Lowest price: £ 350.44
+10.3 %over spot price

Gold coin 1/10 oz Krugerrand

South Africa
Gold: 0.10 oz (3.11 g)

Lowest price: £ 145.31
+14.3 %over spot price

Silver coin 1 oz Krugerrand

South Africa
Silver: 1 oz (31.10 g)

Lowest price: £ 19.33
+17.9 %over spot price

Box Silver coin 250 x 1 oz Krugerrand

South Africa
Silver: 250 oz (7.78 kg)

Lowest price: £ 8 745.95
+113.4 %over spot price

There is no question why Krugerrands gold coins appeal to many professional investors who want to make a quick and direct investment in the gold bullion, protect their portfolios, or diversify their portfolios.
Minted by the South African government, the Krugerrands gold coins were first available when bullion was outlawed in the USA. At that time, Krugerrand's gold coins were the only exception against the bullion ban with their numismatic value.

Krugerrands gold coins Denomination

Originally, there were limited options for Krugerrand's gold coins. The South African govt used to mint only 1 oz coin. Over time, it started minting additional sizes to attract private and professional investors. By 1980, the South African gold coins started circulating around the globe.

The front side of the coin features the image of South African politician and ex president Paul Kruger, whereas the reverse side has an engraved image of Springbok Antelope. The precious gemstone uses the copper alloy that not only gives it a unique tone but also makes it incredibly durable.

The different kinds of coins include the following sizes:
1 oz Krugerrand 32.6 mm (2.75 mm thickness)
1/2 oz Krugerrand 27.0 mm (2.24 mm thickness)
1/4 oz Krugerrand 22.0 mm (1.83 mm thickness)
1/10 Troy -Ounce Krugerrand 16.5 mm (1.19 mm thickness)

Krugerrand, Krügerrand or Kreugerrand?

The correct spelling is Krugerrand, which is the one that appears on the coin. Paul Kruger's family is originally from Germany, so the spelling should be Krüger from the beginning, but the German letter ü was replaced by u when the family moved to South Africa.

The feature that makes Krugerrand coins one of the best investments for private investors is that they can easily and quickly convert this gemstone into cash. They can trade them at any registered and licensed numismatic dealer. Plus, the investors can buy and sell these precious coins in increments of ounces.