About Trade boost

"I could have bought this much cheaper."
You know that feeling. When investing your private money you want to make sure you get the biggest bang for the buck. That's where the idea behind Tradeboost was born. A way to boost your trading of precious metals, by buying cheaper.

About the service

We collect products, prices and stock status from many online suppliers and auction houses and organize it so that we as investors can make better deals.

Trade boost is currently in BETA version which means that we will keep adding new features fast. We love feadback and feture suggestions. Also, you can email us if you have supplies or shops that should be added to the service. Send an email to info [a] tradeboost.eu.

About us

We are not owned buy some big supplier or manufactirer. We are just two Eurpean guys that invest ourselves so this is orginially a service that we built for ourselves. We don't give any advice on investing och highlight any specific products. This is a price comparison website. When we do sponsorships or advertising, we will mark this clearly.